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I've been regularly called "hippie", "crunchy", "weird", and a variety of other terms relating to my personal, out-of-the-box choices.  Name anything alternative, and I had probably at least tried it.  I was an organic eating, home birthing, homeopathic medicine, fermented foods loving kind of gal.  But you couldn't talk to me about cloth diapering.  Oh no.  I had done alot of things, but this girl was NOT going to touch poop.

My first (aka qdbaby #1) was a disposable diapered child, which I was totally fine with.  Then came my second (aka qdbaby #2).  It was a few months into my life with two children, one with a stomach condition that caused horrible digestion and the other with the lovely, breastmilk poops, that I realized something crucial~ I was ALREADY touching poop.  Alot.  The blow outs from disposables were killing me.  So I decided to give cloth diapers a try.  The local store in Memphis had a two week cloth trial.  Within one week, I was sold.  My crunchiness was complete....

until I saw the prices on diaper sprayers.  I wanted one, because I still did not want to settle for poop being something I regularly had to rinse off myself, but there was no way that we could fork out $60 for something that only had one purpose. 

In comes my amazing husband.  As I stand making pleas for our purchase of a diaper sprayer, I heard the most amazing words: "I can do better than that."

The qdspray was born.

We're a mom and pop business.  We're not trying to make it rich, just trying to get some extra grocery money (Man!  These kids can EAT!). 

Consider our sprayer.  We would love your support. ;o)


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