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Sprayer Info

The qdSpray is the hottest diaper sprayer on the market... literally.  The install is simple: unscrew your present aerator (the thing water comes out of) and screw in our quick-disconnect adapter.  Don't worry, your water will still come out as normal.  Then, whenever you're ready to use your sprayer, a quick pull down/push up on the connector piece gets you set up and ready to spray.  This takes approximately 2 seconds and can easily be done one handed.  When finished, release the pressure in the hose, and disconnect the same way you put on.  It's pretty simple, but if you want to see it in action, check out the videos below.



WARNING!  This video gets loud!  If your babies are sleeping, cut your speaker volume down!



Wondering how installation works?  This minute is 2 minutes long, so that should give you a hint as to how easy it is. ;o)


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