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Alternative Uses


You can use the qdSpray for so MANY things !  It's for MORE than just diapers!


  • cloth diapers at home (of course)
  • cloth diapering on the go
  • cloth diapering while camping
  • washing down kids (with WARM water!)
  •  cleaning tiles in the shower
  • cleaning out the bathtub
  • cleaning out trashcans
  • cleaning out your diaper bucket
  • washing your newborn in the baby tub
  • filling up buckets
  • filling up humidifiers
  • cleaning humidifiers
  • cleaning the sink
  • cleaning the toilet
  •  rinsing kid potties
  •  rinsing clothes in the bathtub
  • rinsing mama cloth
  • in place of a bidet
  • as a family cloth alternative
  • as a shower head while camping
  • post-partum rinsing
  • rinsing your hair in the tub
  • washing your pets
  • creating a home-based salon
  • shaving your legs in the warm water
  • rinsing kid poop off your arm


And the list goes on and on!  Tell us what you use the qdSpray for by clicking here






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