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The Amazon Give and Receive Event

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We're doing it again.

And there is more to win this time.  

Can we get a "Hallelujah"?

That's right!  Introducing the Amazon Give and Receive Event!

It's INCREDIBLY simple.

All you have to do a review on Amazon about your qdSpray Diaper Sprayer by Friday, November 20th.  That's it.  You're entered.  It can be a short review, if you're crazy busy.  Or, it can be a long, detailed review so that your thoughts can be clearly communicated.  Either way, you could win!

What's up for grabs?  Well, this year, we have TWO winners.  One lucky person will win a Lalabye Baby Solid in their choice of color from our online store.  Another lucky person will win the Deluxe Travel Kit by qdSpray, the perfect companion for making your sprayer go the extra mile.  These prizes are AMAZING!  And we are so STOKED to give them away!  We will announce the winner(s) Saturday, November 21st via Periscope, so go ahead and follow us so you don't miss the big announcement!

Just a few things to remember:  

1. You need to actually own a qdSpray diaper sprayer to participate. Although you don't need to have purchased directly from Amazon, it's hard to write an honest review on something that you've never actually used before. ;o) If you have been wanting to get a qdSpray, NOW is a great time!

2. Only one review per person please.

3. Hurry! It ends Friday night!

So take a few seconds and give us your thoughts in an Amazon review.  We value your thoughts, and hey...  You could win some GREAT stuff!

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