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How I Became a Business Owner

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For 3 years I prayed.  Prayed that God would give me something to earn money AND stay home with my kids.  Since my husband I married 7 years ago, we both knew that ideally, we wanted me to stay home with the kids if we could possibly afford it.  So for 4 years I taught school and we lived as if I didn't.  We tried to accustom ourselves to living meagerly in order to prepare us for the years when we would actually have to (and boy, do we HAVE to!)

When I had my son, I stayed home and just hung out with the baby. {Ha!!!  Yeah right!!!!  I found out what REAL work was for the first time ever!!!!!} I tried a few different skills with the anticipation of maybe developing something to bring in an income.  I tried sewing.  Let's just say that it SHOULDN'T take 4 days to sew 2 curtains.  So I WASN'T going to have a sewing business.  I tried making jewelry.  It was fun, but tiny little pieces all over the place with a creeping child was NOT ideal.  Not to mention, I realized I have absolutely no patience for the work, or style for that matter!  I actually had about a dozen different things run through my mind.  I could watch kids.  I could clean houses.  I could walk dogs....  All good ideas, and none panned out.

Then life got really fun.  My son was nine months old when I found out I was pregnant AGAIN!  EEK!  That was quick, and totally unintended!  Yet, my husband I believe that children are truly a gift from God.  So I put on my big girl panties and prepared for babies 18 months apart.  And man, did I need those big girl panties!!!!!  It was rough at first, but man was it awesome!  Two in diapers, one nursing, and one a VERY active little boy.

When my baby girl came along, I started to notice how much all the diapers cost.  I'm a really 'crunchy' person: home birthing, organic eating, kombucha drinking Mama.  I pretty much did everything the natural way, or, as I like to call it, "the hard way".  

Everything that is but diapers.

Nope.  I would make my own fermented veggies, but when it came to touching poop, that's where I drew the line!  So after almost 2 years of firmly believing 'sposies was right for us, imagine my husband's surprise when I said, "I want to try cloth diapering!"


Let's just say that he was less than thrilled.  But then I explained what hooked me.  I had been at my midwife's office for a follow up appointment and saw a flyer that said that the local cloth diapering store was offering a really great trial for cloth diapering.  You could pay for 8 different kinds of diapers, plus a $10 fee.  You use them for 2 weeks, then you can return all of them for a full refund of purchase price if you chose: you would only be out the ten bucks!!

After discussing it with the boss (aka my husband), I gave it a try.

It didn't take me two weeks to decide.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I was HOOKED!  The prints, the different styles, the softness, the CUTENESS!  Ahem, I mean, it was so good for the environment and all. :O)  So i did some research, found the best fit for us to start, and dove right in!  It was great!  My qdgirl was still breastfeeding, so I just chunked that whole diaper in the wash and called it a day.  It was AWESOME!

And then I got greedy... I mean, economical.  I thought, "Why do I have my girl in cloth and keep buying disposables for my son?  Why don't I just put him in cloth too?"  What a GREAT idea!  This will be wonderful!  No more shelling out money on 'sposies!!!!  Yay!!!

Oh wait.  One problem.  Poop.  And I don't just mean any poop.  I mean toddler poop.  And I don't many ANY toddler poop.... I mean a child with candidiasis, also referred to as "leaky gut" (and it's called that for a REASON).  Let's just say, there would be no plopping poop with this kid..... ever.

So if I was going to pull this off, I was going to need help.  Cuz THIS girl, was NOT going to be touching poop.  Naturally, I started looking at diaper sprayers.  I had raved about how much cloth diapering would save, but when I started looking at sprayers, my confidence began to wane.  SIXTY DOLLARS!!! for a sprayer????  How was I ever going to convince the boss of THAT?  So I did the only thing that I knew how to do: 

I begged my husband to let me buy a diaper sprayer.  

I told him the problem, and showed him the sprayers online.  His epic reply changed our world forever: 

 "I think I can do better than that."

And so he did.  With some ingenuity and a couple of trips to the hardware store, we had an amazing DIY sprayer that quickly hooked up to our bathroom sink, gave me hot water access, and then disconnected away from little hands.  I LOVED it!  It was awesome, and I didn't have to touch poop!  Heck yes!

I also started to use it for other things.  I found it was super easy to give the kids a bath with.  If I was in a hurry, I didn't have to fill up the tub.  I just sprayed them down IN the tub.  I could control the water temp, so it was a merry time for all of us.  I also used it to clean the tub and tiles--- alot.  My husband even started to use it to rinse out the bottom of the trash can!  

After about 2 weeks of finding all the fun things we could do with my hubby's new "invention", he looked at me and said, "Do you think anyone would buy one of these things?"

Well, I think the answer to that question has been obvious.  YES!

Eventually, after much disagreement, we named it the

And THAT is how I became a business owner.  It's alot of work, and alot less glamorous than people imagine, but it's an answer to a prayer that lingered in my heart for many years.  Therefore, it's a gift, and a miracle to boot.

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