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Now Supporting Families in Need!

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We've been working on this for months, but with two preschoolers, home, marriage, church, teaching, and LIFE in general, I'm afraid that I often move at a snail's pace.  But it's READY!  It's HERE!

We're so excited to announce that we are now supporting Giving Diapers Giving Hope on our website.  With every purchase that you make on www.qdspray.com, you will be given the option of donating to this incredible non-profit organization.

Giving Diapers Giving Hope sends a box of cloth diapers to Moms and Dads in need all over the United States.  This is SOOOOO significant to the eradication of poverty and disease.  Many Moms around our country often find themselves washing and reusing disposable diapers because they don't have the money to buy anymore.  Doesn't it make MORE sense to have a diaper that is MADE to be washed and reused?  Of course!  So that's where this awesome organization, led by my friend, Kim Rosas, does.  Check out all their information and success stories

qdSpray is PROUD to be helping this incredible organization with every purchase!

Want to Help? They have three easy ways: Donate Cloth Diapers or Cloth Diaper Accessories, Make a Monetary Donation in any amount, or Sponsor a Box of Hope for a family. Learn more about each here.

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