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How do I use my faucet if the qdspray is hooked to it? 

  • Our sprayer attaches to the faucet by first replacing the aerator of your faucet with our qdspray adapter (included with sprayer), then hooking the sprayer up to the adapter, when needed.  When finished with the sprayer, simply disconnect and store.  Most customers choose to leave the adapter in the faucet, since it shouldn't inhibit any other function.  You can still turn on the water and run as necessary.


How do I know if the qdspray adapter will fit my faucet?

  • The qdspray does fit most faucets, but there a some that need an adapter to fit and others that will not fit at all.  To see if our sprayer will work with your faucet, check out our user manual and our known exceptions pages.


Does the baby poop go down the sink?

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  The qdspray is designed in different lengths so that the sprayer head will reach your toilet.  The poop still goes down the toilet.  PLEASE don't put it down the sink drain!


The sprayer is really difficult to come off and makes a mess when I try to remove it.  Help!

  • If the sprayer is not disconnecting easily, it's usually because pressure has built up in the hose.  Simply release the pressure in the hose after you turn off the water by spraying the hose one last time in the sink.  The sprayer should now easily disconnect.


My sprayer adapter doesn't fit!  Can I get a refund?

  • First, contact us.  We may be able to offer you an adapter, or you may just be having trouble with the connection.  We should be able to work you through some solutions.  If it still will not work, we'll refund your money as long as it is still under the warranty terms and conditions.


A part of my sprayer has broken, what do I do?

  • We do offer a 1 year warranty that protects against material defects and workmanship.  Click here for more information.  If your sprayer is no longer under warranty, still shoot us an email, and we may be able to get you the parts you need to get it up and running again.


Does the qdspray have a backflow preventer?

  • No.  Backflow prevention is not required because the qdspray is not connected to the supply line of the toilet like other diaper sprayers.  Because it connects to the faucet, it functions in the same way that an ordinary sink sprayer would.  The only difference is the qdspray can be quickly and easily disconnected from the sink, and an integrated sprayer (like on some kitchen faucets) stays connected underneath the faucet at all times.


Does the qdspray actually heat the water?

  • No, our sprayer does not contain a heating element.  Whatever water pressure and heat that is available in your faucet will be available in your qdspray.


Can I remove the quick-disconnect coupler from my hose and attach the qdspray to a garden hose or outside spigot?

  • It has been brought to our attention recently that this is possible, however, we wouldn't recommend it.  Detaching the quick disconnect coupler from the sprayer hose will void your warranty, and will most likely require some tools to accomplish.  We recommend purchasing the garden hose adapter instead.  It's a more dependable option, will allow you to maintain your warranty,  is very cost efficient, and no extra tools will be required.


I live in the Memphis area and want to avoid shipping charges.  Is this possible?

  • Yes, if you live in or around Memphis and would like to avoid shipping costs, you have two options.  First, you can buy locally at any of our distributors, or you can order online with us and choose "local pickup" at checkout in the shipping column.  If you choose to do a local pickup, information will be emailed to you after checkout.


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