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Known Exceptions

The qdspray fits most standard bathroom faucets, but some we have encountered are uncooperative.  Check below to see our examples!


The Non-Removable Aerator


If you have a waterfall style sink, but the aerator will not detach from the faucet, i'm afraid the qdspray will not work in this bathroom.  However, if your aerator WILL detach from your faucet head, go to our user manual to see if it will fit with an adapter.


The Pump Style Faucet


This is absolutely my favorite style of faucet.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  But I'm afraid it won't work with the qdspray.  There's a price for beauty... sigh.


The Gasket Style Cache Aerator

Image Coming Soon!

We now fit most cache aerators!!  But there a still a few that want to be different.  If you're aerator has a gasket instead of an O-ring (see above image), I'm afraid our sprayer is not compatible.


The Transgender Faucet


This is a tricky one.  Most bathroom faucets are either male or female, but this one is both.  (For a description of male/female faucets, see page 3 of our user manual.) This faucet has male threads high up in the faucet head, making it difficult to screw our adapter all the way onto the faucet. To tell if you have this faucet, look at the pictures, and put your finger up in the faucet head after detaching the aerator.  If the threads don't come down the edge of the faucet opening and are high up in the faucet head, I'm afraid you have this faucet.  We have a secret way to fit this faucet, but it's not for the novice.  If you're pretty handy and willing to make slight modifications to your faucet head to fit the qdSpray, contact us and we'll share our knowledge.




These are all the faucets that we KNOW do not accomodate our sprayer.  However, if your bathroom faucet is not listed above and STILL does not fit our sprayer, we most definitely want to know about it.  If you take plenty of clear pictures of your faucet, send them to us, and let us know about the problem, we'll refund you the cost of the sprayer and the cost to ship back to us.

For all other faucets, see our user manual to be sure that no adapter is needed for your faucet to hook up to the qdspray.


























































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