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We love our customers, and apparently, our customers love us!  Check out what people are saying about the qdspray!


When my cloth diapered daughter started on solid foods I knew I would want a diaper sprayer. After reading reviews on several sprayers that attach to the toilet I found that most of them had problems with leaking. I found the qdspray and loved the idea of it attaching to the sink! I don't have to worry about leaks AND I can use any temperature water I want. The sprayer adapter is very simple to install and the hose attaches and detaches very easily. In addition to this being an amazing product the makers of the qdspray are so helpful and kind. I have been recommending this product to all of my cloth diaper friends! 

-Corina Thorne  Temecula, CA


I love the QD Spray. I was late to the cloth diapering adventure, and started with a (then) 7 month old and 2 year old. I was somewhat skeptical, but was up for the challenge. I have dealt with lots of bodily fluids over the last few years of mommy-hood, but was still having a rough time getting my head around how to clean all the poop off of a cloth diaper. This sprayer has made it SO easy!!! Since we rent our home, it is awesome not having to worry about altering our plumbing in any way. This hooks right on to the sink, making it very convenient! It has also cleaned even the worst of our poopy diapers without a fight! It's also very nice to have the option of using hot water to clean the diapers. It makes for a very quick and easy rinse! I am a huge fan, and might not still be cloth diapering today if it weren't for the QD Spray!

~Shelby Chaille   Warner Robins, GA


I am really happy about the product. It is flood risk free. I only attach it once a day. Use it and de attach it until {the} next day. So there is no flood fear :) 

-Esra Aytul   Austin, Texas


I am pretty new to cloth diapering despite being a mom for over 11 years. It seemed pretty easy at first but with the solid food stage coming I was getting nervous about having to spray the poop. I even thought I'd quit cloth when that time came. Enter the qdspray that I purchased at my local cloth diaper store, Over the Moon Diapers. I LOVE IT!!! It's super easy to install and makes cleaning poop so easy. I've even used it to clean my tiny shower. I love how well it cleans but even more than that I love that it's made by a local couple. Support small business!!!!

-GG Baird   Germantown, TN


I've had my qdspray for about 2 months now and I love it! It's great that I can use hot water to help 'melt' the poo off. I also love that I can put it away when we have company. Great product! 

-Ashley Wood  Memphis, TN


I used my new diaper sprayer where I was able to use hot water to spray it down and seriously I love this thing. So when I find a product I love, especially local, I want to sing its praises. If you are in the market for a sprayer, I highly recommend QD Spray. I love the hot water option, I love the quick connect and disconnect, and I LOVE the level of customer service I got when I had a question about their VERY easy to follow instructions that I was just having a “DUH’ moment about.I just thought I would share how much I love and recommend this thing. 

-Kim Jones   Memphis, TN


It arrived today and I must say, I'm impressed with the device, instructions and packaging. As a business owner that ships a lot of items, I appreciate the effort you've gone to to provide a great product... I just installed it and it is totally leak free, and was very easy to install.  Kudos to you for creating such a great addition to our diaper care arsenal!

-Anthony Alms      Tulare, California



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